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St. Albert Self Storage Insurance

There is reason that you have decided to put your personal items into storage instead of getting rid of them - so make sure they are protected.

We take extensive precautions to ensure your valuable property is kept safe. For your added peace of mind, we require your property be insured. We offer a $10,000 household insurance policy to provide coverage for unlikely events such as fire, smoke, theft, or vandalism.

This coverage is available for personal goods only. For those storing commercial property or motorized vehicles we recommend that your insurance broker arrange proper coverage.

If you are already covered through an existing policy, email or bring in your certificate of insurance providing proof of coverage within 30 days of move-in and we will credit your account for your first month’s insurance charge.

Elite Riel Park RV & Self Storage in St. Albert offers our customers insurance, provided exclusively though Cowan Insurance Group’s StorageShield™ Insurance Solution. This policy is specifically developed for you at a cost of $16.00 + gst per month and protects your contents for as long as your self-storage unit is in good standing.

For a complete list of coverage and further information on the StorageShield™ insurance program, please review our certificate of insurance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the policy cover?

The StorageShield™ offers broad form coverage that will protect you against most losses, and in most cases, provide the replacement cost for your property. Each claim is subject to a $500 deductible. Every loss is individually evaluated. Typical covered losses include fire & flood, theft & burglary, windstorm & tornadoes, surface water & sewer backup. This coverage is available for personal goods only. For those storing commercial property, we recommend that your insurance broker arrange proper coverage.

Are all of my personal contents insured?

All personal contents that you store in your unit are insured automatically with the exception of: jewelry, furs, currency, securities, automobiles, watercraft, trailers and accessories. There is also limited coverage on electronic equipment.

What do I do in the event of a loss?

Simply notify the Facilities Manager of the circumstances as soon as they are discovered. Then contact the Cowan Insurance Group at 1-866-912-6926.

For additional information on the StorageShield™ Insurance Program, including deductible, special limits, and exclusions, please click here.

Have insurance questions?

Talk to a Cowan Self-Storage insurance expert at 1-866-912-6926 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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