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Declutter & Keep Your New Year's Resolution

Clutter Free Bedrooom

Kicking of the New Year will make you feel happier and more energized.  Don't let clutter in your home leave you feeling unorganized and stressed.  Maybe you need to downsize or you have too much stuff cluttering your drawers, cupboards and closets. 

Christmas Decoration Storage Tips

Christmas Decorations in Storage Bins

For many of us, decorating for the holiday season puts us into the festive spirit.  Unfortunately, once the season is over it's time to figure out where to store these decorations until the next season.  

Can You Benefit From Business Storage?

bankers boxes on shelves in storage

Business storage can range from year end documents to seasonal or surplus inventory.  Documents and seasonal items can really add up, often taking up valuable space your business should be using in another way.  If you are a small business owner, whether you work from home, or have a small office space you rent; St Albert Storage can help. 

Indoor, climate-controlled storage units are a great solution for retail businesses to store inventory.  It's often cheaper than using up expensive retail space for out of season or high-volume product.  

Winter Moving - Slip & Fall Tips

Shoes with Grip walking on Ice

At this time of year, when temperatures are still hovering around freezing, we need to be vigilant regarding potential slips and falls.  A fresh snow fall after a day of above freezing temperatures can obsure underlying icy patches. 

Organizing a Small Space

Organized Closet with door organizer

Often when we are looking to fit all our stuff into a small space we are overwhelmed.  Organization is the key to success in living comfortably in small rooms.  Some tips for making the most of your space are:

How To Keep Track Of Your Stuff In Storage

Notepad with list of items in Storage

When you are considering putting your stuff into a self storage unit it's a good idea to create an inventory of the items you are storing and a map of their location in the unit.  If you are planning to be in and out regularly, a location map will save time and stress.  

Safety Tips For Moving Safely

Red dolly with boxes

Moving into a new place can be very exciting and, at the same time, the prospect of moving all your stuff can be daunting.  One thing to remember when you are in the midst of it all, is moving your items safely, both for you and them.  Checkout these helpful tips:

How to Declutter for the Holidays

Christmas Tree and moving boxes

At this time of year we are often anxious to start decorating our home for the holidays and we are sometimes faced with a lack of space.  Regular everyday items are replaced by seasonal pieces.   It's the perfect opportunity to go through these items you are removing to see whether you wish to keep, sell, donate or recycle them.

Seasonal Tire Storage Tips

Rack with tires

It's that time of year to start thinking about changing your tires for the upcoming season.  Protecting your tires from the elements and storing them properly is very important.  Since tires are bulky they can take up a lot of room in your garage or shed. 

Get The Most Out Of Your Storage Unit

Organized Storage Space with furniture

Sometimes life forces our belongings elsewhere and self storage units are often the safest short or long term option.  Storage units for rent are meant to provide space, convenience and security.  Since everyone loves saving money, it's important to be organized.