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Manage an Office Renovation with Self Storage

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For a business to grow, it's important to turn your existing office into a comfortable working environment.   A renovation project will help keep your employees productive and happy.  Your customers also start to access your business as soon as they put their feet in the door therefore a renovation should be given consideration.

Are you considering an office renovation and don't want your office to be disrupted?  Did you know that renting a self storage unit for your commercial business can help limit disruption? When you are considering an office renovation there are a few questions to be answered before you begin:

  1. What does your ideal office look like and how does it work best?
  2. Is your current location ideal or is moving to a new location a better choice?
  3. What do your staff want or expect from a renovation?  Will they be able to work comfortably while the renovation is taking place?
  4. Is the expected cost of the renovation realistic for your business? 
  5. Will the renovation make it easier for your staff to get work done well and on time?
  6. Are you hiring an experienced project manager or are you taking it on yourself?

Now that you've answered these questions and are going forward with an office renovation some ideas to think about are:

  1.  Review engineering and architectural documents looking for what you should keep and what you may change.  Share this information with your design team to avoid unexpected costs and revisions.  Don't forget to include the outdoor space in your review.  Are there missing conveniences or things you don't need?
  2. Include your staff in your early discussions of what the renovation should involve.  Keep your staff informed as the renovation progresses; updating them with timeline changes and completion dates.  Listening to their concerns and considering their ideas will assist in retaining and attracting employees.  Look to future needs for layouts, trends and what works.
  3. When planning your office renovation, consider the conditions your employees will need to work under.   Renting a temporary location or allowing them to work from home may be a good idea.
  4. Review furniture and fixture requirements.  Determine what to keep and what needs replacing and where these items will be stored or moved to for the time of the renovation.  A self storage unit in St Albert at Riel Park RV & Self Storage can provide this temporary space for office furniture and fixtures while you renovate.  
  5.  Ensure that the contractors and your design team are staying in communication with you and each other and are working well together.
  6. Open communication is key for everyone taking part. As the renovation progresses, give your employees visual updates, whether they are scheduled tours or videos during meetings called to discuss the renovation.  Make sure each staff member knows where they will be working  when the renovation is complete and how they fit into the new space.
  7. Celebrate the wins throughout the renovation.  When complete, have the staff participate in celebrating your new work environment.

If you are looking for additional office space and can't afford an office renovation, consider storage units for rent in St Albert to store extra desks, filing cabinets, excess or seasonal inventory,  business files, marketing material or samples.

At Riel Park RV & Self Storage we have various sizes and types of storage units.   We have drive-up unheated storage units and climate-controlled storage units, that may  be perfect for your business needs.  Call our experienced and helpful storage rental experts at 780-651-8056 to discuss what will best work for your business.  Store your business items safely and securely in a self storage unit at Riel Park RV & Mini Storage.

Convenient & Secure St Albert Storage for all your business storage needs.

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