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5 Tips For Storing Lawn Equipment For The Season

Lawn Mower Storage

When it comes time to put your lawn equipment away for the winter, having your equipment prepped and stored properly is very important to the longevity of your items.

Here are 5 tips for storing your lawn equipment over the winter:

  1. Review the owner’s manual
  2. Drain gas or add a fuel stabilizer
  3. Service your equipment
  4. Clean the equipment completely
  5. Store it properly

Review The Owner's Manual

Some pieces of lawn equipment require different things when storing them away for the winter. Always consult the owner’s manual first before doing anything. If you cannot find your manual, you can always look it up online. Reviewing your owner’s manual yearly is also a good idea so you can refamiliarize yourself with it’s features and how to operate and handle it safely.

Drain Gas Or Add A Fuel Stabilizer

Depending on how and where you will be storing your lawn equipment for the winter, there are two options when dealing with the gas tank.

If you will be storing your lawn equipment somewhere, such as a detached garage or a shed, add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank. Run the equipment for a few minutes after to allow the fuel stabilizer to circulate throughout the system. Never just leave fuel in the gas tank untreated. It can start to degrade and cause damage to the equipment.

If you will be storing your equipment in your basement or a storage unit, it is important to completely drain the fuel tank first, as it would be a fire hazard. To empty the fuel tank, simply run the equipment until it stops and cannot start again.

Service Your Equipment

Do an oil change and clean or replace any filters. This is also a great time to look over the equipment to see if there are any repairs that are required. It is always best to do any repairs before storing away your equipment so it is ready to go in the spring.
Fully charge and disconnect any batteries. When storing your batteries, make sure they are kept on a wooden or plastic shelf in a climate-controlled area.

Clean The Equipment Completely

Gas, oil, dirt, grass and many other things can build up on your equipment over the summer. Leaving this stuff on over the winter can cause corrosion and damage to the components of your equipment.
After you have cleaned off the entire piece of equipment, dry it completely. Allow it to air dry as well in case you missed anything.

Store It Properly

Cover your lawn equipment to keep any dust, dirt and debris from settling on the equipment.

Your items should be completely guarded against the elements. Renting a self storage unit in St Albert for your lawn equipment is a great idea to keep them safe, secure and clean while not in use.

At Riel Park RV & Self Storage, a storage facility in St Albert, we have drive-up access storage units, in a variety of sizes, that are perfect for storing your lawn equipment. You can drive right up to the door of your storage unit for easy loading and unloading of your items.

With a fully fenced compound, individual gate code entry, security cameras and nightly patrols, your equipment will be safe and secure until spring arrives.

Give one of our storage rental experts a call at 780-459-6435 or rent or reserve your storage unit online.  

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