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Christmas Decoration Storage Tips

Christmas Decorations in Storage Bins

For many of us, decorating for the holiday season puts us into the festive spirit.  Unfortunately, once the season is over it's time to figure out where to store these decorations until the next season.  We all want to use our decorations for years to come and to preserve any items of sentimental value, so storing them properly is very important. 

Most of us tend to accumulate more decorations each year leaving us with the problem of where to store them.  If you have run out of room in your garage, basement or attic, a self storage unit in St Albert, AB is a great alternative.

When you have decided that it's time to store away the Christmas decorations, it's tempting to toss your stuff into the boxes or bins they've always been in, with the intention of sorting, fixing and purging next season. 

Often you will find that when you set out your decorations and seasonal items there are items left in the bins and boxes that you won't be using this season.  Save yourself future purge time and create more room for the new items you used to update this year's decorations, by deciding whether to give away, donate or garbage the previous items you are not using.

To make life easier, consider the following suggestions.


Your artificial tree, once stripped of ornaments can be stored a few different ways:

  • Wrap in shrink wrap using a 5" roll with handle for ease of application.  This will compact the branches and keep the tree dust free and protected wherever you store it.  When it comes time to set up the tree, simply cut off the wrap and fluff the branches - no assembly required.
  • Disassemble the tree and stand (most trees come in 3 sections), store in plastic totes or store in a Christmas Tree bag.  Most bags come with handles making it easier to carry.


There are many ways to be creative on how to store your ornaments with care.  Utilize all sort of containers, from left over plastic cups, egg cartons, take out containers and home-made cardboard dividers.  Bubble wrap and tissue paper provide great cushion for protecting your Christmas decorations.  

Fir garland and your collection of wreaths can be draped or hung on clothes hangers and stored in small portable wardrobe packing boxes.

You may have noticed that your lovely holiday candles colour transfer onto each other and onto other ornaments when not segregated.  By wrapping them in tissue or paper you will prevent colour transfer.  Remember the candles need to be kept in a cool location.  Also, your tapers should be placed flat or vertically with nothing heavy pressing on them to prevent warping.


Make sure all your Christmas lights work prior to storing them to avoid frustration next year.  Here are some tips on how to store your Christmas lights to avoid tangling:

  • Use cardboard rolls to wrap the Christmas lights around 
  • Wrap each strand individually and wrap with an elastic or twist tie


There is always left-over wrapping paper or more that you purchased during the after-season sales.  A great idea for storing this paper is placing your rolls vertically in a clear plastic garment bag and hanging the bag with your wreaths and garland.


If you have dishware that you only use for Christmas and New Years, consider Dish Set and Glass Set packing supplies to free up cupboard space.  These packages are set up with a divider that fits a 1.5 cubic foot packing box and individual foam sleeves to protect your dishes and glassware. 


Make sure your table linens and seasonal towels are clean and dry before storing.  Pack them in a separate storage bin for easy access.


Clearly label all the boxes containing your Christmas decorations. Labeling things properly can make finding decorations a lot easier, especially if you are storing them in a storage unit.

At Riel Park RV & Self Storage we sell a range of boxes for all your storage needs.  We have various sizes of standard boxes as well as specialty boxes like wardrobe, glass and dishware.  

For all your household storage needs come to Riel Park RV & Self Storage.  Reserve a storage unit online or call one of our storage rental experts for more information.  With both heated and unheated storage units to choose from.


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