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Climate Controlled Storage Beats Summer Heat

Inside of Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Most people only think about using climate controlled storage to protect their belongings from the cold, but it is also important for keeping your valuable and sentimental items protected from the heat. Extreme heat can not only damage your belongings, but completely destroy them.

How Does Climate Controlled Storage Work?

Climate controlled storage units are kept at a consistent temperature, no matter what the weather is like outside. They are equipped with both heating, air conditioning and humidity controls.  Typically, these units are located inside a building. This also leads to the added security of the units.

Weather conditions can take a serious toll on your belongings. This is one reason that climate controlled storage units are so important.

What Should Be Stored In A Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

There are a variety of items that benefit from climate controlled storage. Anything that is more expensive or has sentimental value should be stored in a climate controlled storage unit.

Furniture And Antiques

Antiques are one of the most popular things to be stored in a climate controlled storage unit. They are typically quite expensive and are very difficult or even impossible to replace.

Wood furniture should always be stored in climate controlled storage. Extreme heat and humidity can cause a lot of damage to wood. The wood can easily warp in extreme heat as well as develop mold and mildew.

Books, Photos And Documents

Paper is extremely sensitive to heat and moisture. By storing them in a climate controlled storage unit, they will be kept safe, as items such as old photos and important documents cannot be replaced.

DVD’s, Records And Electronics

The internal components of all electronics are very sensitive to any fluctuation in temperature or humidity. The internal parts can overheat and fry in extreme temperatures.

Your records and DVD’s are made with materials that can easily melt in high temperatures.

What Are The Perks Of Climate Controlled Self Storage?

One of the added perks to renting a climate controlled storage unit is that since they are located inside a building, you can load and unload your belongings in a nice and dry environment, no matter what the weather is like outside.

Air is constantly being circulated throughout your unit, which reduces the build up of dust, mold and mildew, keeping your belongings safe and clean.

At Riel Park RV & Self Storage, we have a range of sizes of climate controlled storage units available. With security cameras down every hall and security patrols, you can rest knowing that your belongings are safe.

Give us a call today at (780) 651-8056 and speak with one of our storage experts about renting a climate controlled storage unit for all your household storage needs.

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