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How Self Storage Helps Seniors

Cartoon of two seniors packing

For seniors, parting with items they've collected over a lifetime can be an incredibly difficult task.  Moving itself may be stressful for seniors who've lived in the same location for an extended period of time.  Asking them to part with items that make their home a home is an added stress they may not be ready for.   A St Albert Storage unit can help seniors keep their belongings until they are ready to part with them.

A move that is required for health or financial reasons forces them to make tough decisions about what items to keep.  Some seniors say they don't want to take anything and others want to take everything that has a memory attached to it.   The memory could be of someone or something they have done or places they have visited.   Some items may remind them of a beloved spouse or friend who has passed away.  Moving seniors doesn't have to be stressful; renting a self storage unit can help defer the decision on what to keep and what to gift, donate or sell, making the move itself less stressful.

Whether you are moving into a smaller home, downsizing or moving into assisted living, this can be a daunting task.  

The Challenge of Downsizing

Seniors who relocate to a smaller home have painful choices to make.  They desire a new home that is affordable, close to family and friends and are leaving behind a house full of memories.  The challenge for seniors is in knowing what to hang onto, and what to let go of.  A storage unit helps make that difficult choice easier by not having to part with everything at the same time.  Creating a precise inventory of what is being placed into a self storage unit allows them to determine what to do with these items over an extended period of time.  The decision does not have to be immediate and will have less emotional attachment when they are comfortable in their new place.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living facilities have rules for seniors regarding how much and what kind of items they can bring into their space.  For many seniors, they may not want to part with, or bring in, specific valuable things.  Renting a self storage unit will allow them to keep these cherished possessions and ensure they are in a safe and secure environment.

Starting a new phase of life can be stressful, especially if it is not the senior's choice due to sudden health issues or loss of a partner.  Eliminate some of the stress by storing their valuable belongings with Riel Park RV & Self Storage, storage st Albert.


Seniors who travel for a significant portion of the year, for example "snowbirds," may be concerned about the safety of their valuables while they are away.  Storage units can provide a secure, climate controlled environment for these items.  At Riel Park RV & Self Storage, St Albert, AB, we have interior climate controlled units as well as our drive-up storage units.  Give our awesome storage rental experts a call at 780-651-8056 to discuss what works best for you and/or the seniors in your life.

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