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How To Label Boxes For Storage

How To Label Boxes For Storage

When packing up boxes for storage, labeling everything is just as important as packing your items properly. There are a couple of labeling systems that are used regularly and each is great, depending on your needs.

Labeling your boxes properly will make moving more stress free, keep you organized and make it easier to find something when needed.

The proper materials and steps will need to be taken when labeling your boxes for storage. Here are some tips to make the moving process easy:

  1. Colour Coded Labeling System
  2. Numeric Labeling System
  3. Use The Proper Materials
  4. Label Clearly
  5. Add Specific Instructions

Colour Coded Labeling System

The colour coded system for labeling your boxes is great for quickly referencing what is in each box. Instead of looking through a sea of boxes, having colour coded boxes can steer you in the right direction at a glance. Choose a colour for each room or type of item, whatever works best for you. You can choose blue for bathrooms, green for gardening or garage items, purple for kitchen, etc.

This system is not only helpful for storage, but for moving as well. The appropriate coloured boxes can go straight to their corresponding rooms without even having to read the label.

Numeric Labeling System

If choosing the numeric system to label your boxes, you will need to create yourself a spreadsheet. Every box will simply get a number. You can then create a spreadsheet with each box number in a specific category, such as gardening supplies or kitchenware. Under those categories, you will then list every item that is in that box.

One of the best reasons to use this system, is that it allows for easy updates. If something is added or taken away from a box, there is no need to redo the label. You will simply just need to quickly update your spreadsheet.

Use The Proper Packing Materials

When labeling your boxes for storage, or even for moving, always get the appropriate packing supplies. You don’t want to get low quality markers and tape and have your labeling fade or fall off.

Pick up some permanent markers in the colours required. These will hold up over a longer period of time, so you don’t risk showing up to your storage unit to find something and not be able to read any of your labels.

Pick up some good quality packing tape. The glue on this tape will hold up longer and won’t end up pealing and falling off of your boxes.

Label Clearly

Clearly write the contents or number, depending on which labeling system you chose, of each box. There’s no point in spending lots of time and money on labeling your boxes properly if you write so sloppy that you can’t even read it.

Label all of your boxes and storage containers on at least 2 sides and not on the top. When things start getting moved around, you want to still be able to easily see the labels on every box.

Add Specific Instructions

Labeling what is in every box is not the only important information that needs to be present. Some items are more delicate and breakable than others. By labeling your boxes with the appropriate information, you let everyone know exactly how to handle the box.

Write FRAGILE on boxes that contain breakable or sensitive items so they are handled with extra care.

Write THIS SIDE UP on boxes that need to be kept upright in order to not damage the contents of the box.

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