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Moving Supplies for an Easy Move

Moving Supplies for an Easy Move

When we are moving homes or into a self storage unit, the first thing most of us do is go in search of boxes; some of us even think about picking up packing tape and a sharpie, but it usually stops there.  Consider the items listed below and how efficiently your move can be when you take advantage of other moving essentials.


Boxes come in various sizes.  You can also get wardrobe boxes, TV and mirror boxes.  Safely move or store your TVs and mirrors using these specialty boxes.


Quilted moving blankets protect furniture from scratches, punctures, dust and snow.  They can be easily draped over furniture items such as tables, couches, dressers and more.  These blankets reduce your concern about piling boxes or other items on top of your precious pieces, they can also be secured with 5" stretch wrap.


Newspaper has always been a "go to" for packing kitchen supplies, however you should consider using wrapping paper as it's cleaner than newsprint.  No washing required when unpacking! 

Packing kits have been created from thin foam sleeves for packing your dishes and glassware.  These offer extra protection and reduce breakage.


Aside from the stress relief of bursting bubble wrap bubbles, bubble wrap is a great product for protecting odd shaped items.  It comes in various bubble sizes and lengths, with some even perforated into useable lengths for ease of use.


Protect your belongings with mattress bags, furniture covers or chair covers.  These covers will protect  your belongings against dust and moisture during your move or if placed into a storage unit.


Stretch wrap can protect furniture from scratches and scuffs, bundle hard-to-pack items like bed rails, and keep moving blankets in place on furniture.  Wrap around dressers or cabinets to prevent the drawers from swinging open during your move.  It sticks to itself therefore it does not leave a sticky residue.


Packing tape guns save time when putting together moving boxes and sealing them up.  They also reduce the frustration of trying to find the end of the tape on the roll when someone forgets to fold it.


Box cutters are a must when you are moving.  They can be used to cut tape, plastic wrap, etc. and are safer, when closed, than other cutting objects.

Make your move into St Albert Self Storage with ease and grace by utilizing these time savers!

Where, when, how do you start packing?  Need help figuring out what moving or storage supplies you need?  Visit Riel Park RV & Self Storage and one of our storage experts will help you determine what supplies you will need.  

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