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Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Garage | Self Storage

Organized Garage with storage space

It’s easy to forget about the garage when the spring cleaning starts. More than half of homeowners are unable to park in their garage due to excess clutter. Putting your garage at the top of your spring cleaning list can also extend the life of your car, protecting it from the elements.

Follow these 5 tips to make the spring cleaning of your garage a breeze:

1. Make A Plan
2. Take Everything Out And Declutter
3. Deep Clean
4. Invest In Storage Solutions
5. Rent A Storage Unit

Make A Plan

In most situations, you should be able to clean up your garage in one weekend. Having a plan of what you would like cleaned and completed in your garage will help you stay on track and make sure that you don’t miss anything. Write down everything that needs to be addressed in your garage and make sure you stick to it.

Take Everything Out And Declutter

It may sound like a big deal to take everything out of your garage, but this is the best way to get the best results in the spring cleaning of your garage.

The garage can frequently become a dumping zone for all sorts of items around your home. While taking everything out of your garage, sort it all at the same time. Make different piles for your items, such as, keep, donate, toss, and relocate. If something hasn’t been used in years, it’s a pretty good candidate to toss or donate.

Deep Clean

With your garage completely cleared out, this will make the cleaning of it much easier. Always work your way from top to bottom so you are not sweeping dirt and debris onto already cleaned surfaces.

Use a broom to sweep the ceiling. This will get rid of all the cobwebs and dirt that has accumulated over time. Depending on what the walls of your garage are made of, you can either wipe them down with soap and water, or simply use a broom to sweep off build up.

Wipe down all shelving from top to bottom. Clean any windows, remembering to also clean the window sills. Sweep up the floor or use a Shop Vac and make sure you get into all of the corners. Hose down your garage door and floor to get the last of the dirt and grime build up.

Invest in Storage Solutions

Before you start putting everything back into your garage, think about where you are putting everything. You may discover that you need to put up some shelving, cabinets or even slatwall. These storage solutions will help you take advantage of the vertical space in your garage, so everything isn’t piled up on the floor.

Depending on your garage, you may also be able to take advantage of a ceiling storage system. These are great for items that you don’t need to access regularly, such as holiday decorations, winter tires and other seasonal items.

The proper storage solutions for your garage can help keep it clean and organized all year round.

Rent A Storage Unit

Your garage can be home to some very large items. By renting a self storage unit, you can store your snowblower, ski’s, snowboard and all your other winter items and keep them out of the way for the summer. When winter comes, switch out all your winter items for summer. Renting a self storage unit will help you take the space back in your garage and get the most function out of it.

At Riel Park RV & Self Storage, we have a variety of sizes of storage units.  We have indoor, climate controlled storage units as well as drive-up unheated storage units.  Our drive up storage units make it a breeze to load and unload your heavier items.  We offer short term and long term storage spaces for rent for all your residential and business storage needs.

With individual access codes, gated, video surveillance, great lighting and mobile security patrols, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your items. Give one of our storage rental experts a call today at 780-651-8056 or rent or reserve a unit online.

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