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Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home & Storage Unit

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Spring cleaning can be a daunting task, but with the right plan, you can get it done faster and better than you thought. Not only is it about cleaning, it’s also about decluttering your home and re-organizing it to work better for you.

Follow these simple spring-cleaning tips to give yourself the best chance for success:

1. Create A Spring Cleaning Checklist
2. Declutter
3. Do One Room At A Time
4. Clean From The Top Down
5. Spring Clean Your Self Storage Unit

Create A Spring Cleaning Checklist

Doing a spring clean of your home and storage unit is a big job. To make sure you stay on track and to make sure nothing is missed, make yourself a checklist. Go through your home and make a list of certain areas that need to be tackled. List the specific things that need to be done in every room, such as, dusting, cleaning lights and light switches, washing walls, vacuuming, etc.


Deep cleaning your home and getting into all the little nooks and crannies, will be much easier with less items in your way.  Make different piles, or get plastic tubs and label them, for items to discard, donate/sell and store.

Anything that is broken, stained, expired or in bad shape should go into the discard pile, as they are too damaged to donate or sell. Items that you no longer want, but are still in good shape, can be donated, or you can even have a garage sale to put a little bit of extra money in your pocket. For all of those items that you still want to keep, but have no place for, place them into a storage unit.

Do One Room At A Time

Trying to spring clean your entire home at one time can be overwhelming. Chances are, you won’t be able to complete your entire home in one day. Choose one room and start there. Complete that room, 100%, before moving to the next. This way, if you only have time to do one or two rooms a day, you can be sure you didn’t miss anything and won’t have your home torn apart and in disarray.

Clean From The Top Down

Clean each room, starting from the top down, as dust, dirt and debris will fall to the ground as you clean.

Start with lights and ceiling fans. Dust corners and change the batteries in any smoke detectors. Work your way down the walls and windows.

Clean all your furniture from top to bottom and clean off counters. Clean all appliances, inside and out. Pull out the fridge and stove and clean the floor under them.

Sweep, mop and vacuum all floors and area rugs. Consider getting your carpets, mattresses and fabric furniture shampooed. Even if they look clean, there can be a whole lot of dirt hiding in those carpets.

Don’t forget about the outside or your house when spring cleaning. Power wash the outside of your house, deck, driveway, etc. Complete the same tasks you completed inside your home in your garage and shed as well.

Spring Clean Your Self Storage Unit

Start again from the top and work your way down. Dust or wipe down the ceiling and walls of the storage unit, if needed. Wipe off all boxes, totes and furniture. Sweep up all the dirt and debris off the floor.

Just like at your home, decluttering in your storage unit should also be done every year. Go through all your items and get rid of anything that hasn’t been used in over a year, or that you may have changed your mind about.

Take out all your seasonal items that you will need over the summer and replace them with your winter items, such as snowblowers, snowboards and seasonal clothing. Make sure that everything that you are putting into your storage unit is clean and dry before hand.

As you go through all your belongings, create an inventory of everything in your storage unit. This will help you the next time you are in there to retrieve something.

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