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Storing Couches | Clean, Protect, Store

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Whether you’re temporarily storing your couch in a storage unit rental while you are moving, or storing it for a family member, make sure to store your couch properly so it stays in great shape until it’s time to retrieve it.   

Here are 5 storage tips for properly storing your couch:

Clean Your Couch

Couches go through and put up with a lot. Even though they may look clean, your couch should always be cleaned before you store it. A couch can be made from all different kinds of materials. Always double check the fabric tag to be sure of what it is made of and how it can be cleaned.

Most fabric couches can be cleaned with water and an appropriate cleaning detergent.

If you have a leather couch, you simply need to apply some leather fabric polish, in a circular motion, with a microfibre cloth. You can also use olive oil in place of the fabric polish.

However you clean your couch, always make sure it is completely dry before you put it into storage.  It is very important that you clean your couch thoroughly, prior to storing it in a self storage unit.

Get The Right Sized Storage Unit

Regardless of what you are storing, it is always important to rent the right sized storage unit for your needs.

Measure your couch to make sure you are getting a storage unit big enough and also take into consideration anything else you might be storing.

You also need to consider how long you plan to store your couch. If you will be storing your couch for a longer period, flipping your couch on its side can cause warping over time.

Never stack anything heavy on top of your couch, or push anything right up against it. By not giving your couch enough room, you risk causing permanent indents in your couch.

Protect Your Couch

No matter how carful you are at moving and storing your couch, accidents can happen. Take your couch apart as much as you can; whether it’s taking the feet off or completely removing the back or cushions.

To prevent any possible damage, scuffing, or dirt and dust from getting on your couch, always make sure to cover it. You can use sheets, tarps, blankets or specially made furniture covers to protect your couch.

Consider A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

A great option for any long-term storage is a climate-controlled storage unit. No matter what the weather is like outside, your storage unit will always stay at a consistent temperature.

A climate-controlled storage unit will protect your couch from cracking wood or leather and will also protect it from any moisture caused by fluctuating humidity changes.

By storing your couch in a climate-controlled storage unit, when you are ready for your couch again, it will be just as you left it.

Keep Your Couch Off Of The Ground

Air circulation in your storage unit is important. It helps keep moisture from building up on your couch or from it getting a musty smell. Always keep all of your furniture from directly touching the floor. Wooden pallets are the best option.

You can also use bricks, blocks of wood or even a tarp to place under the couch if pallets are not available. Keeping your couch off of the floor will also protect it against the unfortunate event that a flood or some kind of spill happens.

At Riel Park RV & Self Storage we strive to provide a clean, convenient and secure place to store your furniture and other household items.   Our storage facility has storage units in various sizes for all your personal and business storage needs.  Rent a drive-up unheated storage unit or a climate controlled storage unit today by calling one of our storage rental experts at 780-651-8056.

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