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Tips for Moving in Winter

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Cold Weather Moving in St. Albert

While it may require more planning, moving in winter presents some benefits. Real Estate is slower, therefore you may get a better price for your new place and movers have more availability and will likely cost less.

Moving at any time can be stressful, however it’s even tougher with snow on the ground and bitter cold temperatures. Here are some tips to make your move less stressful:

    1. Consider hiring a professional mover as they are experienced in moving during extreme cold weather.
    2. Pack Sensibly – Be sure to pack precious belongings and items sensitive to cold in your own vehicle (plants, pets, grocery items, wine, electronics). When it gets cold, things get brittle and break a lot easier.
    3. Make sure the Utilities are turned on before moving day. You want the heat cranked up at your new home when you arrive especially if your new home has been unoccupied.
    4. Keep an eye on the weather and have a backup plan if necessary.
    5. Dress appropriately and Layer! Wear gloves and keep your head covered.
    6. Clear the snow from walkways and driveways. Make sure the sidewalks are clear in front of your new home.
    7. Protect your inside floors by laying down cardboard to ensure high traffic areas are protected from snow, sand and water.
    8. Be prepared and think ahead. Keep extra shovels and sand on hand in case of an unexpected snowfall on moving day. Have extra hats, mittens and lots of hot drinks on hand to keep you and your helpers warm.

Store the Essentials – Rent a St. Albert storage unit to keep your items safe

Tips for Winter Storage

  1. Keep all your items dry and clean. Don’t store wet items! If it’s raining or snowing on the day you move into your unit, you will need to wipe off items before storing them. You do not want moisture from the rain or snow to be trapped in your unit for mold to develop. Revisit your unit a few days after your move in to ensure that all the moisture is gone from your items.
  2. Put packing material into your boxes, not only does it protect from impacts, it also works as an insulator to protect your things from the cold.
  3. Cover the storage unit floor with a plastic sheet or tarp for an extra layer or warmth and a barrier between your items and the cold concrete floor. You might also consider elevating your items off the floor using skids or pallets.
  4. Wrap up your furniture. Double or triple wrap your chairs, tables, desks and more.
  5. Choose climate controlled units – When available, choose a climate controlled unit to keep your items at a consistent temperate all year.

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