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Moving Tips

Moving Tips

What To Expect On Moving Day

Moving Truck with boxes

Moving can be one of the most stressful things that you do in your life.  Knowing what to expect on moving day can relieve some of the stress and keep you from feeling nervous and overwhelmed.  Keep in mind that being a mover is back-breaking work.  If you have hired professional movers, it's important to understand how to treat them so you can have the best moving experience possible.

When the movers show up, they want to ensure that everything in your home arrives at your new house safe and intact.  One of the first things they will do is complete a written inventory.  The condition of each item will be assessed and noted.  Make sure you are present to look over everything with the mover to make sure that you agree with everything that is written about your items before you sign.

After the inventory is completed, they will start loading the moving truck after deciding the best way in which to do so.  Any personal items and items of high value that you plan to take separately should be put in a separate area away from other things that are being moved.


Everything should be packed up and ready to go before the movers arrive.  Your home should be all cleaned up, and any items you will be taking separately should be set aside in a different area.

A common concern is whether or not dresser drawers should be emptied.  Anything that may be in them that is of high-value or is sentimental, should be removed.  However, it's easier for everyone involved if clothing is left in the drawers.  It will lessen how many items need to be moved which will, in turn, lower the cost of the move.  The movers will make sure the drawers are secured shut, so they don't open during the move.

When it comes to the food in your refrigerator, if you're moving nearby, the movers will be able to put the food on the truck.  However, if you're moving long-distance, they will only take non-perishable food items.  You may have to end up disposing of your food.  Makes sure to keep this in mind in the days prior to your move so you don't buy items you won't be eating before the move.


To keep moving day less stressful, make sure you are devoting all of your attention to move.  Make sure to have no other obligations on both your move out and move in days, so that you can properly coordinate the move.  One person should be chosen to coordinate with the movers to clearly communicate what should go where and assist them if needed.  This will limit distractions and make your moving day go much smoother.  If no one is available and they have to hunt you down to find out where things need to go, they will be wasting valuable time which can end up costing you more money.


When the movers arrive at your new home, have a plan in place as to which room everything is going into.  You don't need to know exactly where in the room everything is going but knowing which room to direct the movers into will help them greatly.  They don't want to stand there carrying a heavy piece of furniture while you try to figure out where it should go.


Professional moving companies have their own way of loading your furniture onto the truck.  Each piece will be wrapped with moving blankets or bubble wrap and they will load the truck in a certain way to prevent anything from moving around.  If there isn't a tight fit, items can shift in transit.  Don't assume that your belongings are just carelessly being placed on the truck.  It is best to keep any suggestions you may have to a minimum and let the movers work.  If you see a serious issue with how something is being done, speak up, otherwise, everything will run much smoother if you let them do things in their own way.  Remember, they are trained professionals and know what they are doing.

Try to relax and let the movers do all the heavy lifting.  You'll have plenty to do when you have to unpack!


If you can, try to arrange to have your children and pets out of the house on the day of the move.  If it isn't possible, make sure they stay out of the way and stay clear of major walkways and entry points.  Children and pets running around while movers are trying to work can be very dangerous.  When the movers are carrying heavy or large items, they may not see  your children or their toys they might have left lying around.  It is important to keep everyone safe by keeping your children and animals contained so they don't get in the way.


Moving can be easier by using self storage, this way you can move on your schedule.  If you are using self storage and have hired professional movers, you will want to make sure you prepare your items for storage

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