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Storage Tips

Storage Tips

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Best Storage Solution For Military

Canadian Military and Canadian Flag

There are many active military members serving their country that move frequently.   If you are one of these military members you are forced with the challenge of what to do with your belongings during your deployment.  Self storage rentals can help for short term storage or long term storage.

What Does Self Storage Mean?

Drive-Up Storage Unit at Elite Riel Park RV & Mini Storage

Self storage means self-service storage. Instead of paying a full-service storage facility to move and store your items, you pack them up and store them yourself. There are many reasons for renting self storage. It’s not just for people who are downsizing. Life events and changes happen which make self storage a necessity.

Ways to Use Self Storage at Christmas

Christmas Decoration Storage

Unless you are a true minimalist, putting up your Christmas tree and decorations is difficult when your space is already filled with furniture & your favorite objects.  Renting a self storage unit gives you a place to temporarily store your stuff to make room for Christmas.  Below are some suggestions on ways to use self storage at Christmas:

What Is Vehicle Storage & Why Should You Use It?

Indoor Car Storage St Albert

When most people think of self storage, they usually think of a place to store your household items. But there is also vehicle self storage. Vehicle storage can offer you a great storage solution for any of your motorized vehicles.  Check out the many different kinds of vehicle storage and the reasons to use vehicle storage.

Pros and Cons of Using a Drive-Up Self-Storage Unit

Drive Up Storage Units in St Albert

With so many different storage options out there, it is important to do your research to find what type of storage suits your needs best. Certain storage options are not ideal for all items.  Here are some pros and cons of drive up storage that will help you decide if it is the correct option for your needs:

Downsizing Due To Divorce | How Self Storage Can Help

Divorce or Separation Self Storage Can Help

Renting a self storage unit gives you the opportunity to gather your belongings in a safe and secure environment, not associated with the relationship. It gives you time and opportunity to sort, discard, keep and donate items that you may not have room for in your new home.  Some things to consider when a relationship ends:

7 Storage Tips For Camping Gear

camping storage for your tent

Camping is an activity that so many love. Camping gear can be very expensive, so it is not only important to take care of it while camping, but storing it properly can give these items a much longer life.  Here are 7 storage tips for camping gear to make your trips more enjoyable and stress free:

How To Store Your Summer Items During The Winter

Storage For Your Patio Furniture

As summer comes to an end, we have to start thinking about putting away our summer toys. Keep your home clutter free by storing your lawn equipment, pool toys, patio furniture and summer clothes in a rented storage unit.  Here are 5 tips for storing your summer items over the winter: