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Storage Tips

Storage Tips

What Not To Store

Boxes of cereal and canned goods

People often find themselves in need of extra space for various reasons; downsizing, staging a house for sale, children moving back home, etc. A personal storage unit serves as an ideal solution to store all sorts of things that you either don't need in your home or have no room for.

Please keep in mind that there are some prohibited items that are not allowed to be put into storage.


Illegal drugs in your storage unit can cause unwanted trouble.  Vitamins and medications if not marked correctly may also be misconstrued as drugs by the police.


This is one of the most frequently overlooked safety rules when using self-storage.  Food, including pet food, should NEVER be kept in a storage unit.  The smell will attract insects and rodents alike.  In turn, those little intruders will probably damage the rest of your stored items by chewing on them and even nesting in them.  Aside from the fact that these perishable food items spoil quickly and rot, they could also turn your storage unit into a health concern and infestation for the entire facility.  And if, miraculously, no rodents enter your unit for the food, mold and bacteria will appear from the rotting food.  To avoid these issues, simply keep perishable items out of your self-storage unit.


Hazardous materials are anything that has the potential to create damage or harm if opened or spilled.  This includes items that contain chemicals that may become flammable.  Materials such as gasoline, propane tanks, paint, etc., are not to be stored in self-storage for safety reasons.

While this may sound like an obvious statement, some toxic materials aren't as obviously hazardous as others.  For example, fertilizers and even some cleaning chemicals can prove harmful if improperly stored.  The decision to store these hazardous materials can quickly turn your storage unit and the surrounding areas into a danger for customers of the entire property.


While it goes without saying; storing a deceased loved one or pet in a storage unit is against storage regulations and against the law.  Storage units are not to be used as apartments or a place to spend the night while you are in the process of moving.  Being caught doing this will always result in immediate eviction.


Items that will create mold are items that are moist or wet, such as plants, food and other organic materials.  If you can't take your plants to your new home right away, then leave them with friends or give them away.


Strong scents can easily attract pests, insects and rodents to investigate the source of the overwhelming odors.  You don't want any living things crawling or flying around in your rental unit as everything can get ruined in no time.


Unregistered and uninsured vehicles are not allowed in storage units.  Storage facilities are not responsible for the contents of your unit, nor does the insurance you can purchase through the facility cover vehicles.  If anything happens, such as a fire or theft, you have no protection.  Car thieves may use storage units to store unregistered vehicles and may become the interest of police.


One of the things you should never put into a storage unit is stolen items.  This should be common sense but you never know.  You're not allowed to keep items in your self-storage unit if you don't legally own them or if you don't have the explicit permission to keep them there by their true owner.  Why?  Because it is illegal.  If the facility manager senses or suspects that something illegal is going on, then they won't hesitate to call the police for further investigation.


You are definitely not allowed to store firearms of any type, ammunition, and explosives in your storage unit.  Look for suitable storage for your weapon at your local gun shop or shooting range.

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